Hello to all expectant mothers! Hope you are all great. Are you craving to look fashionable during maternity? I felt the same during this time as having a bump and not being able to wear all those cute clothes was the biggest drawback. I even gained a lot because of which I was not able to fit myself into the clothes.

Then, I got some great suggestions from my friends about how to look magnificent during pregnancy. The result was so amazing. Now to your concerns, I am going to give you insights that will help you to follow the fashion and by this, you even feel comfortable.

So come with us and explore the greatest insights which can give a more gorgeous look. Let’s make pregnancy more adorable and flexible.

Ideas to Dress Fashionably during Maternity

Are You ready to get the best ideas for having a comfortable and fashionable look? So let’s start our journey.

Choose comfortable Fabrics

During maternity time, I think the most essential thing is to be comfortable. So it is your responsibility to wear outfits that are breathable and lightweight. When you are selecting an outfit for pregnancy you need to look for seasonal clothes. Remember the key is to look comfortable.

You can go with denim, rayon, cotton, lycra, linen, and georgette. If you have sensitive skin then you can go for hypoallergenic fabrics like organic cotton. You must avoid synthetic because it can result in perspiration and cause rashes and irritation to your skin.

Another best thing is to try to select those outfits that are stretchable and comfortable so they allow free movement and healthy circulation. This attire will help you to remain comfortable during the whole period of nine months.

Buy Maternity Clothes

The reason you are oversized is pregnancy, so you may not be able to fit yourself in your regular fitted clothes. But are you aware of the fact that there are numerous options available in the market from where you can choose the larger size and economical clothes?

If you wear your clothes then you need to understand this. Your body is not just growing it is also changing shape and if you try to wear a larger top then it will be uncomfortable in the midsection and big from the shoulders. When we go to the bottoms they will tighten from the waist area but at the same, they will be too big for the legs.

These outfits are not designed for pregnancy. So you can choose those outfits that are made for this period.

Invest in Maternity Pants

These are things that you must have in your closet. You can choose different styles of maternity pants. Here are some best options that you can select.

  • Belly waistband – full belly panel, mid-belly, underbelly. 
  • Length – cropped length, ankle length, or full length
  • Leg style – trouser, flare, boot cut, skinny, or straight
  • Purpose – casual wear, office wear, or yoga wear

Go with these pants and make your maternity look more fabulous and comfortable. 

Choose Maternity Tops

You must be wondering what tops I can wear on the jeans. Then you can invest in maternity tops. There are a lot of varieties available from kurtis and kurtas to tops and tunics for pregnancy. The best part is that all these outfits are designed according to the body shape and give a flattering silhouette. Not only this, they are even suitable for breastfeeding.

Apart from that you can try pencil skirts or button-down blouses if you are working in the corporate sector. You can also choose to layer your outfits by adding jackets and Shrugs. Another best option is you can go with maxi dresses that are made for pregnancy and they give a feminine look.

Incorporate Colors and Patterns

To reflect the style you can wear different patterns of outfits like stripes, dots, or any other pattern you like. They always give a flattering look to the body. No need to wear all those nude shades as you are free to add colors to your outfit.

When I wore black color it helped me to look thinner and slimmer. You must be aware of the myth that black makes you look slim. But the fact is whatever clothes you are wearing that fit and suit your body can give a proper shape. So, don’t ever be afraid to add the colors to your closet.

Be confident

Finally, what you are wearing or choose to wear, you should feel comfortable to wear them. No matter what others are thinking. You look fabulous when you look at yourself in the mirror. Just grab those pieces that you like and make you feel comfortable.

Go with different styles, patterns, or colors whatever you want. You just need to feel comfortable and sit. You can even create your fashion and inspire others as well. 


Here comes the end to this amazing conversation. Have you got some ideas of how you can look magnificent and comfortable during your pregnancy period? Never hesitate to try new outfits just look if you are feeling comfortable in them or not. 

Now no more worries to all the beautiful ladies who are on maternity leave. Always go for the outfits that are suitable to you and keep you away from all those rashes and irritation. Always choose the best fabrics for yourself that are healthy for your skin. Have a nice day! Lastly, pin me your favorite outfit in the comment box below.