building a capsule wardrobe

Are you going shopping with the mindset of creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself? But before this are you aware of what a capsule wardrobe is? building a capsule wardrobe, Don’t worry because I am here to solve your confusion. I am going to provide a comprehensive guide that will help you to build a capsule wardrobe.

Clothes are a vital part of your closet and you must include some best pieces so that you can make them versatile and long-lasting. Let’s talk no further and get into the journey of creating a wardrobe capsule. 

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Let me talk about the most general thing about the capsule wardrobe so that you can understand what it is. It is a curated closet that fills up all the versatile pieces that you love to include in your wardrobe and wear them. This clothing incorporates those items that can mix and match to give a new look for any occasion. They are reliable and bring the fashion style into your life.

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Before you start creating a capsule closet for yourself it is very beneficial to understand how you can build it. Now here I am going to list all the important things that can help you create a closet that is versatile and you can select clothing from small quantities of clothes. This wardrobe is made based on the quality of clothes rather than stuffing the closet with a different variety.

What does it Consist of?

A capsule closet consists of a different variety of clothes like bottoms, shoes, tops, accessories, and outerwear. These are the outfits that you can easily mix and match. They result in making the best attire for any occasion you are visiting.

In simple words, it is a wardrobe that is a bit trendy but it will include all the high-quality styles so that it can increase the life of your wardrobe. The best thing I like about the capsule wardrobes is that these outfits can be worn in any season or occasion giving us the most unique and magnificent look.

Steps to Create the Capsule Wardrobe

Let’s start with the main part. Here are the steps that will help you to build a closet.

Step 1: Take a Look

When I ask you to take a look, it means that you need to check out what outfit you are including in your hangers. It will help you evaluate the items so that you can make a new look.

Step 2: Sort the items

Here comes the main part, where you have to sort every time according to the outfit you love, seasonal, and maybe, or those you don’t want to wear.

Love to Wear: These outfits fit your body and lifestyle, and you feel delighted wearing them.

Maybe: These accouterments might not suit you perfectly and you can discover the best reason why you don’t want to wear them. You can put all these outfits back in a box so that you can choose them to wear during any season.

No: Whether they fit you or not, you have already decided that you don’t want to wear them anymore.

Seasonal: There is no requirement to store winter outfits with summer attire. You can keep it in the storage unit and take it out during the perfect season.

Step 3: Look what all there is in your closet

You may find now you are left with jeans and jackets. You can keep them back in your closet so that you can pair them with the different pieces in your closet so that you can have a magnificent look.

Every Girl’s Wardrobe Essentials

  • White tee
  • Sweatshirt
  • white button-up
  • Ruched blouse 
  • Crew Neck Sweater
  • Oversized blazer
  • ’90s jeans
  • Jackets
  • Trousers
  • Tank Dress
  • Sweater dress
  • Heels/sandals
  • Sneakers
  • One-shoulder blouse
  • Bodysuit
  • Crossbody bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Tote

How to make it work

The outfits are the absolute key to building your capsule wardrobe and they will ensure that all the attire is versatile and makes the life of the closet longer. It means that you can pair them with different varieties and always come up with a magical look that can spread your fashion.

How to Stick with Them

You may find it very difficult to stick with the capsule wardrobe as when you look towards the next season you will have to buy new varieties. But this is not the way you have to go. You need to be very strict with yourself that you won’t buy any new outfits from the markets.

You can always choose to wear the best attire and create your fashion look from all the outfits in your wardrobe. By this, you can develop the longevity of your closet. The best part is if you stick to this approach you will be able to save a lot of money on your clothes and get dressed up very quickly.

I can understand this can be frustrating sometimes to get the perfect outfit but with patience, you can easily discover the best attire for yourself.


Here is the complete guide for you on how to develop a capsule closet for yourself. Remember that you have to consider only those outfits that are essential and can increase the life of your wardrobe. By this, you can sort all the outfits according to the categories and can come out with the best outfit for every occasion.

I think building a capsule wardrobe is one of the best things that you can create and give a long life to your wardrobe. So, let’s get started with all these steps so that you can create a suitable closet for yourself.