Wardrobe tour

Hello to all! Are you thinking if we all have the same wardrobe or not? Even I think of some time because there are so many varieties of clothes in the wardrobe that are the same as mine. wardrobe tour, So for your understanding

let me tell you one thing we are all the same and when we go out shopping we prefer to buy the best pieces that make your wardrobe presentable.

You might think that there are so many collections of clothes that are available but then also we have the same collection, how is that even possible? It is because when we are going to the market we all tend to choose the latest fashion so that we can go along with the flow. Even I have a different collection of outfits in my closet.

Well, Today I am glad to share with you what is in my closet. You know how I am going to give you a wardrobe tour so that you can get a clear understanding that we all have the same pieces in our wardrobe. Are you ready to discover my closet

Wardrobe Tour

As I said, I will take you on my Wardrobe tour so that you can discover what is; there. Let’s start our journey.


So I think these are one of the best pieces that I can incorporate into my closet. Dresses are one of the best pieces that I think everyone should have. Not only this, they come in a wide variety and hues which can help you make your day. Dress is the best thing that I can wear and feel comfortable. I know some of the dresses are not pretty comfortable but you can always wear them on special occasions and make your day.

You can always try some new styles like wearing them with a blazer, jacket, or even belts to upgrade your style. I like to try some new styles with my old pieces which make them new and unique.


You might know that sweatshirts are gaining a lot of popularity these days and you can wear them anywhere and anytime. They can give you the best casual look for your day. You can wear them with trendy jeans and sneakers. Whenever I go to the markets I am always curious to search the different styles of sweaters so that I can wear different shades and designs according to the occasion.

My wardrobe is filled with the best pieces of sweaters because I am crazy about it. I hope if you too are a shopaholic then you might love to include hoodies in your closet. 

Jackets & Blazers

These are the other best options that I include in my wardrobe. What about? These are the best attire that can give company to various T-shirts and even crop tops. With this, you can include boots or sneakers to upgrade your style. They come in different hues as well and this is the best part I like because they make my closet colorful and presentable.


I think these are outfits that are found in every closet. I love to wear jeans daily because they give me a perfect shape and I can wear them with different tops. Even if you are running late they are always there to accompany you. You can wear them with shirts, tee, crop tops or any other thing and can create your style. 

Pajamas & Loungewear

We all want to have a lazy and tired look, especially on the weekend. I am sure you also like to wear pajamas on Saturdays and Sundays and you must have them in your wardrobe. These are other things that I like to bring from the market so that I can be comfortable on my days off.

The best thing is that there is a huge variety of them in the market and they look so gorgeous to wear. I wear them to the office sometimes and guess what I feel so relaxed in them.

Tips for Closet Organization

These are some of the statement pieces that I have incorporated into my closet. What about? You may have developed an understanding that we all are the same as we have similar kinds of things in our closets. If there is so much to wear, they must also be arranged. Here are some tips that will help you to organize your wardrobe.

Declutter: The first step is to organize your outfits according to the categories. This can be daunting, but once you do it it will help you choose the outfit at the right time. You can prepare small batches of the clothes so that they look presentable if anyone opens them.

Use Hangers: You can organize your closet by using the hangers in your closet. They will help you develop extra space in your wardrobe. You can put jeans, blazers, and jackets on them as these things take up a lot of space.

Remove unused clothes: You can look in your closet and pick out those items that you don’t need anymore. If they are in good condition you can give them away or throw them. Don’t stuff your wardrobe with unused items because they take up a lot of space in your wardrobe.


How was your journey? You might have discovered all the things that are kept in my closet. These are the most essential things that I have discussed in this article. These might be some more things. The list is never-ending because all shopaholics like us like to bring all the trendy and latest outfits to add to our wardrobe.

Here comes the end of my wardrobe tour. You are free to discuss your wardrobe walkthrough with me by writing your views in the comment section.