Style Icon

Are you wanting to upgrade or wardrobe or want to include the best style icon in it? If yes, then what about those pieces that are kept in your closet? You might have not thought of it. Is it true? Then tell me how you will include new outfits in your wardrobe. You might not know.

Let me tell you one thing, if you are not able to organize your old clothes then how will you add new ones? If you want to follow all the latest trends so that your closet can look presentable then I have the solution for you.

Well, the best outcome for these things is that I have prepared a comprehensive guide for you that will support you to make informed decisions about how you can select what things you can keep and what you have removed from your closet.

Are you ready to explore all these? They will not only help you to organize your closet but can make you even more stylish. So, all beauty queens get ready to become more fashionable and spread some magic around on you and inspire other girls to follow the same.

Steps to Become a Style Icon

Here are some styling tips that can help you to follow the latest trends and become fashionable. 

Don’t purchase for one occasion

When we go out shopping we all feel guilty that we should buy a dress that we can wear on different occasions. Whether it is a wedding, a Friday night, a birthday party, a reunion, or a dinner with friends. When we are heading somewhere we always rush to the markets to buy something new. Nevertheless, we always forget to buy an outfit that can work on different occasions.

The best solution is to buy an outfit that goes with different occasions and is versatile. If you are worried about how you will follow the latest trends then you can choose the options that are simple and never out of style. 

 Don’t keep stuff that doesn’t fit

It is not always good to keep those items in your closet that don’t fit you at all. It is not even a very mindful thing to buy a dress of a smaller size just because you like it. Let me tell you, that you are just wasting your money on those pieces. Holding these items is not at all worthwhile. So, daily outfits, you can keep them out of the closet and those dresses that are in good condition then you can give them away.

Don’t buy it because it’s a bargain

It’s very easy to win for a price if it is a bargain market because you will be able to buy a lot more things than buying from reputable brands. You need to understand, though they are cheap but they don’t have a long life and need to be replaced within a few months. So, you need quality over price and quantity. These small things will help you to make a versatile closet.

Buy new, get rid of old

You know what is the best strategy to organize your closet. When you are going shopping always make sure that you have removed those clothes that are either torn, have holes, or faded. They will help you clear the shelves and you can keep all the new clothes in replace of the old ones. Another important aspect you need to keep in mind is that you need to buy that accouterment that fits you and is loved by you. Never choose an attire you did not like because it will end up sitting in the cupboard.

Invest in your already own

What do you think about the outfits that you have worn once or twice? Don’t agree that you discard them. First of all, the important thing is that when you bring a new outfit you must wear it at a time so that they go for the long run. If you don’t want to have the same design then you can tailor it and revamp it so that it can give you a new style icon. It is not at all worth it that you spend again and again on those outfits that you want to wear twice or thrice.

Embrace rental fashion

You should be thankful for the growing awareness about sustainability, it has decreased the problem of spending a lot. You can go to one of those renting shops that will help you to buy your favorite outfit at a low price. It will help you get the best options. First, you can always choose to wear new varieties whenever you have a wedding event or a party organized. Another benefit is that you can follow all the latest trends in the market and need not worry about the high prices of the clothes. 

Don’t forget about a capsule wardrobe

To be stylish in a true way you need to always incorporate those outfits that are versatile and can increase the life of your closet. bag, For this, you need to make wise decisions so that you can choose those outfits that are never out of style. You can create a capsule wardrobe for yourself in 15-20 pieces.


Here are some of the great ideas for you all so that you can create a style icon. These points are to be followed and then only can become more stylish. Just remember that you need to be very sure about all the items that you are wearing and try to repeat them. Also, try to purchase those dresses that can be worn on different occasions and never go out of style.