Declutter your closet

Have you ever landed in a situation where when you try to close your wardrobe and it transforms into a war? It happens to me once a month. If you are facing the same issue then it is high time to declutter your closet and make it a little organized.

You might be thinking that organizing the closet can be a very complex task because it requires effort and time. I have experienced this situation. So to come out of this situation I have got some useful insights for you so that you can enjoy the process and it won’t take time as well.

Arranging your wardrobe is one of the most important tasks so that you can find all your outfits at the right time. I have lightened your burden by breaking the task into simple forms. This is the most interesting way of doing it. 

Steps to Declutter Your Closet

Let’s discuss all the steps so that you manage your clothes and make different sections accordingly. Are you ready to explore all the steps with me? But swear to yourself that you are going to organize your wardrobe this weekend for sure so that it can look presentable. 

Evaluate Your Space

To begin with, you need to pull everything out of your closet. Don’t be shocked, you are reading correctly. First, you need to empty your closet. To organize your outfit you need to start from the very beginning.

It will help you understand how much space is there in your closet so that you can divide your outfit into different sections. Not only this you even check out what outfits are there that you don’t want in your wardrobe. You can put them aside so that there can be more space in your closet.

Once you get the knowledge of everything you keep everything back in your wardrobe. But before you do that you can clean your closet properly. 

Sort Your Clothing

Wait, before you put them in your closet you can categorize your clothing. You can divide them into different sections like, keep, seasonals, try-on, and give. You must only incorporate those outfits that fit and are in a wearable state. Keep aside all those clothes that are either loose, torn, or faded.

This is one of the most essential steps as it can help you break the large pile into the small ones. You can keep those items away that need to be washed. For sorting the clothes you do not require any special basket or something. You can use a floor, couch, or bed for that.

The sorting goes like this

Keep: Before you put all the items back in your wardrobe, do ask yourself: Does it fit? Is it still in a clean condition? Do I feel good wearing it? If your answer is no to these questions, then you can consider going to another pile. You can either hang or fold the clothes while you keep them back. 

Try-on: You can try on clothes that appear to be short or loose according to your body shape. Once you get to know them then you can keep it back. You must manage the space in your wardrobe and keep all the outfits that are taking up unnecessary space in your closet. 

Give: You can just give all those outfits that you want to wear. But remember that they should be in good condition so that another person has to wear them. If they are torn you can just throw them away because they are not useful anymore. Also, do not give dirty or faded clothes as it looks weird. Just think if you cannot wear those clothes how can they be worn by someone else. 

Seasonal: Always keep those clothes in your closet that are according to the season. You can keep those outfits that are not required in the storage compartment. Make sure you keep them properly so that they are not affected by anything.

Organize Space for Those Outfits that Do Not Require to be Washed

You can keep those clothes separately that need to be washed. You can choose to wear them anytime you feel they are piled up separately. They will give your wardrobe a new feel as the clothes that are ironed and washed can look more presentable. 

Repeat the Process

It is one of the best ways to repeat the process regularly so that you can avoid the situation of messing up again. I did all these steps once and left my wardrobe untouched for weeks. Guess what happened! The whole wardrobe was messed up and I need to perform all the steps again, declutter your closet.

I recommend all of you at least repeat the process once a month so that your wardrobe can be organized and look presentable.


Here are all the steps that will help you organize your wardrobe and give it a new look. Your closet not only keeps your clothes but also reflects how you are managing them. You need to organize it properly so that you avoid situations of confusions

If you prefer to go shopping again and buy all the latest outfits then you need to manage your wardrobe so that you keep your stuff. So, now the weekend task is to declutter your closet with these steps and let me know whether they were helpful to you or not in the comment section below.