weekend bliss

We all love weekends and not only this, we wait for them eagerly as they relax and have breakfast in bed. Who all admire all these things on Friday night, weekend bliss. I think we all but do you Saturdays and Sundays can be relaxing but we should try doing something on these days as well so that we can get prepared for the next week.

I know rest is important, but so is a Sunday routine. You need to go for a proper weekend routine so that you can prepare all your stuff and get ready for the next week. I know it can be tiring and frustrating, but taking out some time to prepare yourself is the best option. I will tell you all the things you are going to perform on Saturday and Sunday.

The routine we are going to discuss will help you to get a proper balance of rest as well as work. You all manage office hours accordingly. But when you are performing, we can routine you can Styling. Be more relaxed when you come back from the office because you need not rush or organize anything.

If you are resting too much on Sunday, it can be boring as well. So let’s make the weekend more fashionable and start our journey to know all things we can do on Saturday and Sunday. 

Weekend Bliss

Wrap Your Last Week

Just look around yourself and if you are scattered with clothes all around and unopened emails. Now, it’s time to clean everything. Whether you want to reply to emails, go for the laundry, or organize your wardrobe, weekends are the best days you can do it. Forget about taking a nap or watching the streams for 2 to 3 hours. Devote time to these because it will help you to get prepared freshly for the next week.

Organize your Chamber

Now let me tell you about one more thing: Saturdays and Sundays can be boring, but not if you start organizing your closet. Have you opened your closet after Friday? It is completely messed up and stuffed with all the clothes. Next, you will find out that your clothes are scattered all around and they require agent laundry.

So now you have to start collecting all the clothes and washing them and arranging them properly in your closet after ironing them. This will help you, as when you get up on Monday morning you will be able to find your clothes and that good condition.

Plan your Meals

Have you ever experienced that you have nothing to eat on Monday for breakfast or lunch and having it from the outside? If you have experienced this situation, then it’s high time for you to plan your meals on the weekends. You just need to prepare a list of all the things you need at your home so that you can prepare the meals in the morning and after getting back from the office.

Implement Self-Care Regime

You might be very busy throughout the week to take care of your skin, but you know what Saturdays and Sundays are best for them. You can go for a skincare routine and apply it on the skin like face marks, natural products, or something which can help you to regenerate your old skin.

Just remember, the skin is the most important part of your body that you need to take care of. Neglecting the skin can reward you with pimples, acne, dark spots, and blemishes. But if you follow a skincare regime you can have a brighter skin for the upcoming week

Get your Comfort Zone

Another great option is to get a comfort zone on Saturday and Sunday because you are wearing tight jeans and fitted clothes regularly on working days. But if you go for shorts, pajamas, or dresses on relaxing days, it can give you the most comfortable look.

Once you are completed with all the tasks of the weekend, you can sit, relax and either play games or PlayStation or stream the OTT platforms with snacks. It will support and help you to relax your body. You can even go to the gym, walk or connect with your old friends and enjoy your weekend schedule.


Have you ever considered aromatherapy? It is the most amazing therapy that can help you to uplift your mood. I can understand after working all hours in the offers and doing work after coming back can give you a lot of stress. But you know what Aromatherapy is the best solution. It is the greatest way to release all your stress and provide you with a peaceful state of mind. You can go with different flavors as well. I go with lavender as it suits my personality and gives me a peaceful mind. You are free to choose your favorite brand.

Prepare a To-Do List

Now if you are confused about all the things you need to plan for the weekend, you can prepare a list so that you can perform them accordingly and get ready for your weekends and the next week. These small things will make your workload very easy.


So here is your complete weekend schedule. If you want to become more fashionable even after the weekend, weekend bliss then it is possible when you follow the proper routine. Sundays are relaxing, but what about getting going shopping and collecting some new stuff so that you can follow all the fashion trends? Another thing after you follow the routine is that you can get some new outfits and create a unique fashion look for yourself so that you can wear them next week.

Are you ready to make your Saturday and Sunday working list about all things you are going to do like laundry, organizing your closet, ironing your clothes, and preparing a meal plan? Trust me all these things will make your burden easy. Not only this, but you can also plan some mix-and-matching outfits on your weekend bliss and think about combining different combinations as well.