Are you going out regularly? Of Course, I think it is very common because we all are working and need to go out for work or buy stuff. But what about all that dust and pollution spread? Does it make your skin tan and dull? I am sure it is. So, what is the solution to that?

I am pretty much aware of the fact that for this we need some remedies so that we can take off the skin. But you know what I think remedies are great but with this, we need to work on additional products as well so that our skin has a natural effect on the working days. This is because if you are going for any home medication then you can only do it on weekends.

So I have got some great ideas that will help you to make your skin more glow and healthy. I will be sharing some home remedies as well because they will help you to make it even more smooth and brighter. Are you ready to get useful insights? If not then set yourself because if you want to brighter your cuties then you need to go ahead and read out the complete article.  

Remedies for Skin

Use coconut oil

It has anti-inflammatory, healing properties, and antioxidants and is a trusted resource. But it may not work for all skin types or the result may be different. Be aware if you have any allergies to coconut.

If you are using it and no irritation is caused then you can use it for different concerns as well. You can use it to:

  • remove makeup
  • soothe the barriers to skin
  • promote healthy pigmentation

It is proven to be a good moisturizer. You can give a proper massage to your face so that it relaxes it and it becomes brighter. 

Use aloe vera

Aloe vera has a great power of healing and also stimulates the growth of the new cell. If you are using Aloe vera regularly then you can surely get a healthy pigmentation within a few months.

If you have an allergy or irritation using aloe vera then first test it by applying it on the forearm and if you don’t find any irritation for 24 hours, then it is safe to use.

Wear sunscreen daily

Wearing sunscreen of SPF 15 or above can protect you from causing skin cancer. I will make a shield on your face that will protect you from UV rays and guard it. Make sure that you are applying sunscreen every morning, even on rainy days and in winter. 

Discover cleansing regime

If you don’t want all the dirt to stick to your skin for too long then you need to be very careful. You need to wash your face so that excess oil and pollution are removed.

Remember to wash your face daily and two times a day, one after waking up and once you come back. 

Drink water

If you want your skin to have a natural glow then you need to drink a lot of water so that it stays hydrated. The connection between water and healthier skin is ever going and you can get the best effect within a month. You must aim for at least 8 glasses of water so that it rejuvenates all the dead cells of your skin. 

Eat healthily

Eating fruits and vegetables will help you to boost the process and provide vitamins and antioxidants to your body. According to me, eating fats (healthy), like oils, and avoiding preservatives and unhealthy food because they have an indirect impact on your skin.

Take probiotics

You can consider Probiotic supplements which will help you to 

  • boost immune system
  • improves the process of digestion
  • reduce bloating 
  • reduces inflammation

Avoid smoke

When you come across cigarette smoke, your face gets a coating of chemical toxins that are harmful. This increases the oxidative stress in the cells leading to making your skin dull and unhealthy. 

Moisturize properly

Moisturize your skin because it locks in moisture, and promotes the healing process. It consists of antioxidant properties that encourage a glowing and youthful look. Don’t exfoliate your face when it looks dry, and don’t even try to skip moisturizer as your face is oily. It is very important for your face.

Shorten your shower

When you are exposed to steam and heat it makes pores open. But when you are running hot water all over your skin for a long time then it can result in stripping away oil from it and will look tired and dull. So you must try to minimize the exposure in hot showers.

You can consider cooling the temperature so that it supports and improves circulation, it will give you a toned and youthful appearance and make it look even more fresh and energetic.


Here are all the remedies that you can use to protect your skin from dullness, blemishes, and dark spots. With all these tips you need to be very careful because it is who decides what all things you need to put on your skin that gives it a healthy and glowy look.

It is one of the largest organs and it is our responsibility to protect it. No matter how tired we are, we need to take care because most rejuvenation processes of dead cells take place at night. If you are sleeping with dirt and blemishes all over the skin then when you wake up in the morning you will get a surprise of pimples and a dull face.

So if you want glowy skin then you can follow all these tips. Lastly, pin me your favorite regime that you have included in your life which helps to make your skin healthy and glowy.